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BMWCCA-LA event pics... Warning: image heavy

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Following are some pics from the BMWCCA event a couple weeks ago in Huntington Beach. It was really enjoyable and I look forward to attending again next year.

These were taken and scanned by 'Scottn2retro'; I'm just posting them because I have a place to host them. Thanks for sharing these Scott. I added some captions for the heck of it.

Some mixed cars. Where did this white roadster come from? I didn't see it there...

The E30 M3 corral. These were well represented at the show. I want one!

Some 6ers in the center aisle.

Back to the E30 corral. Sure would be nice to have one! ;)

Misc. nice cars.

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Scott's car. Note the custom license plate. Very classy!

What is this thing doing here?! Okay, I guess we can make one exception. ;)

The infamous 2002 corral. I couldn't get over how nice some of these were!

This thing was in pristine condition (too bad there are no interior shots). Scott's favorite if I'm not mistaken.

Back to the 2002 corral.

Last set...


Scott's car from the front. The E36 M3 Lightweight was nice to see too, first one I've ever seen in person.

Back to the E30 M3 corral. Did I mention that I want one? :D

Misc. nice cars and last pic.

Again, it was a very enjoyable event... hope to meet more of you there next year.


PS The first time I tried to post this a few days ago, it said "Too many images", and when I hit 'back' to edit it, the page had expired. What is the actual max number of images you can submit in each post? I learned to save a copy of a long post before submitting, but that really irked me heh
Nice pics.

I love the E30 M3 too. Someday I will own one (all you current owners, keep those cars clean for me!).

I like the red roof on the Z3!
The red roofed M Roadster is from this board, I believe. If it's not him he has an identical car.

Also, Sonet, I know how you feel. I've typed ~30 line replies only to have IE tell me the page cannot be displayed. Did it to me quite a bit last week when I was having problems with my router. I learned to copy the text before I post, but I got lazy today and lost one reply. :mad: :mad: :mad:
The M Roadster with the red top is indeed Scott's (the guy from this board who took the pics that I posted). It got lots of attention at the show. I can't believe the dealer he bought from couldn't get rid of it, the color combo is very attractive and unique. Unfortunately the pictures came out on the yellow side so it looks more orange than it does in person (at least on my display).

Copying/pasting works, but it seems to me that the people that wrote all the HTML/scripts for this board need to address the issue with the lost posts somehow (there must be some way!). It really does suck. Especially when it finds an error and you need to re-create the post to correct it.

Also when you try to attach an image and it is of too high resolution, when you go back your entire post is gone! :tsk:

Sorry to ***** pixA4 and Clem, I know it's not your fault.
This drives me nuts! I have lost many long posts because of that!
Mystikal said:
Also when you try to attach an image and it is of too high resolution, when you go back your entire post is gone! :tsk:

Thanks SONET!

Thanks for posting the pics. It was a great day at the park.

It should be noted that the red car is the last pic is a very rare 2002 Baur and won a special award from the judges as the car they would all want to take home.

The mysterious white roadster in an early pic left early, that's why SONET did not see him - good memory for detail.

Sorry it took so long to post them... I tried to post them the day you sent them but I got really frustrated with the little mishap mentioned above.

As for the roadster - that figures. I missed the yellow Italian beauty as well... next time I will arrive earlier.

Thanks again for sending the pics over so they could be seen by all. :)

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