bmw e strategy

Sales of BMW i3 models has stagnated a bit, heck, in 2015 their sales just ticked over the 24,000 mark. Compared this to Tesla, who only sells EVs, and it ends up being about half of Model S and X sales. So, If BMW's strategy doesn't seem to be working, why not change things up a bit and look toward what Tesla is doing. Pre-orders for the Model 3 are probably over 400,000 by now and it's not even due out until 2018!

Instead of putting all its weight behind one series of all-electric (i3) or hybrid (i8) models, the company wants to offer a whole portfolio of battery-powered cars and SUVs by 2022, including the 3 Series, the X4 and Mini Cooper.
The sedan will be relaunched in 2018, and BMW will work to equip 3 Series models with electric motors as soon as possible, according to Handelsblatt.
A few days ago, Reuters reported that board members would miss the upcoming Paris Motor Show, one of the industry's biggest gatherings, to hold talks on the company's electric car strategy. On Monday, Handelsblatt said BMW would use the auto show to announce their plans introduce half a dozen new electric models within six years.
Source Deutsche Welle