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you need a few numbers.

MSRP...which is readily available

and the selling price or Cap Cost. of the car.

then you can start your calculations.

from the website, it might get you a general lease cost, but it is far from what is close to a monthly pmt.

buy rate is if you meet qualifications, and if the dealer is willing to lease the car at those rates.

despite the incentives, the dealer may give you incentive money plus a money-factor discount if you are an FS customer.

the cap cost...calculate that before you put any money down. you'll see what the dealer will actually sell the car at. you have to subract incentives and add in profit for the guys. you have to make sure the contract as well states that just in case you want to buy the car at the end.

there are always ways the dealer backs into the number--front end or back end, or when you turn the car in. just know what's going where and all parties should be happy.

i don't hit the dealer with a rock-bottom number. i target a true price then factor a very decent margin of 1k to them. if they can't make that work, it's their issue. most here would say i'm over generous.
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