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well, bmwusa site is way off on the calculator..I just went to play around and it cost more payment wise for a 330 then an M3 almost..what a it just my end? :eek: :bigpimp:
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I locked into lease rate 3 weeks ago (on a 330i), since then my Sales Rep. told me that the lease rates went up by $130 per month.

I got lucky

Thanks for the info., but how is this a lease rate? 0.0025 * 24

Also the residual on a 330i is 59%

Your not figuring in a few factors of buying the car:

1. If you did buy the car, in three years you wouldn't get 61% of your origional purchase price when you trade in the car (you may get that if you sold it - but that's a huge pain in the ass)

2. You would pay at least $5000 in interest to borrow the 40k over 3 years.

3. You would have to pay the sales tax on 40k instead of around 20k.
Lock in lease price

I purchased the car at WagnerBMW of W.Springfield, MA - I don't know what other dealers do, but this reputable dealer locks in all lease prices for 60 days on ordered cars. If the lease rates, or anything else changes in that time, WagnerBMW will take the hit.

Ahhh I see on the .0025 * 24 - Thanks :)

Would you purchase if you could do it all over?
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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