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body paint suggestion

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i've owned an '01 525i for over four years now and it has collected some dents and scratches. i've considered trading it in for the new model but can't possibly get myself to part with it. i think the alternative would be a new paint job. i've called around and got all kinds of quotes, which made me kind of nervous being i want the best paint job for my car. any suggestions on what i need to know and look out for before i choose a shop? also, what's cost estimate on a really really good paint job?
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Depends on your area. One of the main things to consider is the work they do AFTER the paint. Do you want a mirror smooth clear? Takes a LOT of work.

Do you want to paint it another color? Will you remove the engine and drivetrain?

Do you want a pearl type coat?

Also, consider the paint booth. Many nicer shops will have a downdraft booth that draws the air into a grated floor. Under the grates is water that catches dust and paint overspray.

A really good paint job could run as much as 10K if you want it done up the whole way- better than factory.

If you're looking for a refresher of factory paint to factory look, I'd expect 1/2 to 3/4 that.
fountainhead said:
also, what's cost estimate on a really really good paint job?
speaking of pearl coat.... :bigpimp:
rumratt said:
I like blue
To choose a shop, you need to see examples of their work and check references. Prices will vary by region, but assuming the color stays the same, I would expect to pay around $6k to $7k for a proper paint job, which would include removal of all the trim, bumpers, glass, etc. Cheaper jobs will mask trim, which inevitably leaves overspray that looks shoddy.

A color change will increase the cost considerably...I would think that could push things up to $10k and more.
I would ask if the shop uses Glasurit paint (apparently what BMW and other European high end manufacturers sue).

I agree with the 5-10K figure depending on color change or not.
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