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Booming noise on my 01 325i

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Last summer I took my 01 325i Auto to Murray Motors here in Denver because I would hear booming noises when I would cruise at 30-35 mph and also when I would be coasting at 30-35 mph. My service advisor advised me it was the driveshafts then replaced them, but the noise still existed. He then replaced the transmission and the noise is still there and was never fixed. This only happens when its warm outside, such as the summer months but disappears when its cold such as in the the fall and winter months. The booming noises would be heard with the tachometer rising up for every boom then going back down to normal cruise or coasting RPM until it booms again with the tachometer rising about 250 rpm for every boom. Can someone please help???? Summer is approaching in Denver and its warm now, I'm tired of hearing the BOOM! :tsk:
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Maybe you should leave the car for a few days at the dealer and let the tech drive the car a few times and hopefully it will make the noise when he is driving. Then he may be able to diagnosis the problem.
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