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im new to the beemer group i just picked up a 86 325es i want to build a boosted 325 i have already started by gutting the inside and so far taking out the ac system and windsheild washer system my goal is to have nothing i dont need but i want to rebuild the motor or something its got 240,000 miles i cant find a rebuild kit anyone got any advice
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I work at a parts store in Cincinnat, I know we can order all the parts individually. But thats getting it back to oem shape. Just depends what your trying to do.
when you swap to an "I" head, is there alot of other stuff you have to alter? i am assuming you need to update your ECU?
With the "e" models yes. I have a 2.7e and from what I've SEARCHed its the following: INTAKE WITH INJECTORS, 1.3 MOTRONIC ENGINE WIRE HARNESS( all engine ellectrical including DME), THERMOSTAT HOUSING(for the different electrical connections then in the 86e), VALVE COVER, SINGLE FUEL PUMP, HARMONIC BALANCER(for the crankshaft sensor), O2 SENSOR, OIL SENSOR.. Copied and pasted. I found a 3.5 liter out of a 91 535is, it came with engine, transmission, ecu, wiring harness, air box, and afm. I only paid 400 bucks for all that. Engine only had 150K on the ticker.

I only say this because I was going to do the same thing your doing. I weighed the pro's and con's and came to the conclusion that I would rather double my horsepower and torque with the bigger engine first. Next year I put the 65mm turbo kit and miller turbo tuning kit with a cam and mild port and polish to double my horespower again. I just think this is the most reliable way to make power on a budget. But to each their own.
yeah i need to know everything i have a 96 f250 i remote turboed but this is a little different i want to pull the engine this weekend and start taking it apart but that means i also need new parts which is where im stuck
now that you say that. that sounds more what im going for will it bolt in ?
Do a search on google for M30 swapping an E30. All the info is out there. So far all I can tell you need to do the swap is: M3 trans cross mount, engine mounts, some wire for the wiring, and 535i radiator.
what year m30 engine
so you had the same car as me and swapped a 3.5 into it?
or you can look into the m50 swap and later down the road turbo it. either way you go, itll drop some good numbers
Im in the process of doing the swap. I have the motor on the stand trying to figure out if I can afford the head port work now or if I wanna put it in and do it later. Im stuck driving back and forth between cincinnati and Volo, IL visiting friends. Like 800 miles round trip. Done it 5 times now this year lol. My 2.7 is starting to knock a little bit but still holding strong so im not afraid of taking it that far.

Here's the latest pic of progress... Doing the valve cover in red for the "M" colors for the engine.


i think i want to keep the motor i thought about it and thats what im going to do i will turbo it no question but for now i just want to know how can i rebuild or make that old engine better
i also need two racing seats, a lowering kit 2inch in the back and 1 inch in the front, performance clutch, turbo kit, and engine performance parts (injectors, gaskets, intake) the intake on these old beemers suck is there any other option?
Swap it for the i intake with m50 17lb injectors
i wont have to alter anything with the new intake and what year i and m50
i need an after market aluminium coolant tank for this this car anyone make or know of one
Why you need an aluminum coolant tank? I know im going to use a 90-91 e30 coolant reservoir, its located on driver side of the car versus our passenger side.
the inside of the car is going to have aluminium components also and ive seen one made that tucks up in the fender looks sweet this guy has one
sorry for the long link
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