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Hi everyone,

First I'd like to thank everyone that has pre-ordered the new Borla midpipe. What we feel is the most exciting new exhaust product to hit the market in a while.

The first production is scheduled for completion on Monday 7/24/06. We have both round tip muffler (p/n 140034) and rectangular (aka oval) tip mufflers (p/n 140091) in stock and can combine them with the midpipe in a package deal.

I'm going to feel like a proud papa next week when this great new product starts shipping all throughout the United States and Canada. I had no idea my conversation with Alex Borla back in September of last year would lead to the creation of such an overwhelmingly successful addition to the already great list of BMW M3 exhaust product offerings. This is what makes BPS your best source of information and ONLY source to buy one here at BimmerFest.

Please use the contact form on our site at the link below or call us at 805.482.1234 if you have any questions or to place your order.

Below are some updated pics that point out some of the technical advantages included in the new Borla midpipe.

We'll be working this weekend, so please don't hesitate to call us to place your order.

Thanks very much,

Bob DeLellis, President
Bimmer Performance Store, Ltd.

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