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boston area car washes?

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I know, I know, I should do it myself. But I live in an appartment and don't have access to a hose or a place to clean my car. Does anyone know of good places I can go to have my car washed and waxed in the Boston area?

I'm also hoping to find a place where I can take my car to have the interior cleaned and the leather conditioned and all that.

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I'm in the same situation. Usually what I do is I find a local car wash that is either "touchless" or has the self serve spray and wash bays. Good for washing off salt and dust, but doesn't really get the car really clean.

I don't know where you live in Boston, but if you live in the Metro North area, BMW of PEabody has a service they call "The Spa", which is a full service detailing shop. Not cheap - they charge about $100 for a full exterior/interior cleaning, wax, etc. But if you just want the car washed, you can do that there too.
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