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Boston Dealers doing ED...

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So after reading the advice of various esteemed board members, I will be ordering a nicely optioned 325ci. Thanks everyone for helping me make the decision. I realized after some test driving, that the 330ci sounds fantastic in terms of engine noise/song, but I really didn't need that much power. :D The 325ci seemed like a perfect match for me, and I really liked how the engine floats in the high-revs. :thumb: I guess the BMW will teach me about the joys of driving. I'm really looking forward to it.

I was wondering if the members of the board from Boston could please share with me their experiences at the various dealers. I will be using the Rizzo method and faxing/e-mailing my offers. But is $1500 over invoice for an ED (Euro Delivery) car possible in Boston? If so, where have you been successful, just so I know to be especially persistent at those dealer locations.
:D Thank you again in advance. I'll keep you guys updated on the ordering process, and hopefully share some useful information on what the various dealers are offering in Boston once the deal is finalized.

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New England and E.D.

I live in New Hampshire and found Tulley BMW in Nashua and The Automaster in Burlington, VT to be pretty unresponsive to $1500 over ED invoice. In fact, not to bash a dealer beyond what's already been said in other forums, but I've never been treated like such a dumbs--t customer than by a salesperson at Tulley.

A friend bought a car from Carbone BMW in Utica, NY. The salesperson, Ted Walawender, offered $1500 over ED straight up. No hidden fees appeared in the sales agreement, either.

So, I figured since I'm willing to wait so dang long for the car, I'm willing to drive a few hours over to Utica to pick up the car and have a total no-hassle experience. I frankly didn't feel I had time to futz around with the Rizzo method; effective as it may be.

So far, it's been a seamless transaction that has all happened via Fed Ex (dealer account). I look forward to meeting Ted later this summer. In the meantime, he's been very knowledgeable about the required paperwork and deadlines.

Good luck with your search.
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We I bought our Toyota Sequoia, I was pre approved by Toyota for the purchase and financing at 0%. I called about 10 dealers and told them I was pre approved, exactly what I wanted and that to see if they could locate it for me. I then told them I was calling a number of dealers as we needed the vehicle soon and if they find one, call me back. A few called back and were very secretative about the price. One, our local dealer, actually wanted me to come in and sign a deal before they even made phone call 1 to locate it. Needless to say, I didn't waste my time. Wound up buying from a dealer 1 hour away through the fleet manager. Great guy, great price and we were very happy. This put the ball in their court to start the bidding. Hope that helps a bit. And you can fall back on teh faxes after you have a list of potentials.

My brother bought a Subaru last month, he had 3 dealers he was calling, finally one said, I'll go $250 under you best price from the other two....he got the deal.
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Uter and Reed-

Thank you for your responses. You're right in that the Rizzo method is not the only way to go. And New Hampshire is great, cause no tax on car purchases. :thumbup: My sister is in the market right now in New Hampshire. She loves it up there.

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most definately let them know your looking at other dealers.

my story: my wife's parents passed away, and since she is Lao, they had about 2 weeks of ceremonial morning and celebrating. during that time, i was able to scour every dealer in a 60 mile radius (about 5 dealers from fairfield CA) none of which had my car (had to order eventually) but all wanted my buisness, and ill tell you why. If you have high credit, you can write your own ticket, and heres why... My FICAs are 800+ same with my wife, so if this strategy will work, i can garuntee youll get your 1500 over invoice for ED. even in the summertime. Walk in to each dealer, or call, and tell them right off the bat to run your credit...(what i did) once they return, tell them youve been to other places, and you got no problems with driving (300 miles in my case, i live in the boon-docks) to get the best deal, and tell them exactly what you want, no bullshit etc...

bottom line, i did this strategy, and i ended up getting a very good deal, at my local shop. BMW salepeople, by-and-large will kiss your ass if you got good credit

the key : KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT... and make it clear you wont budge

my out the door price even after tax registration etc was still under msrp
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