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brake bleeding/diagnosis.. plz help!

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hey guys.. so here is my situation... Noticed a worn spot in my steel braided lines when i installed pads a month or 2 ago... Well had to slam on my brakes the other day and ended up popping that line where that spot was.. drove home carefully and popped the wheels off and found that was the problem.. so I replaced the line and bled them.. started the car up and brake pedal went to the floor.. Took off all 4 wheels and bled all 4 ... pedal gets hard until i start the car.. bam straight to the floor.. Hooked up a vaccum/suction to the rear right caliper bleeder and pulled air bubbles and fluid for literally hours.. All together ive gone thru like 5 bottles of fluid with absolutely ZERO progress .. not even a little better and no signs of air in the system getting less... just endless.. What in the hell is the problem here? Ive checked all my lines and fittings.. everythings tight.. ive read ppl with similiar problems replacing master cylinder and not solving the problem.. i heard maybe need to bleed the abs... But i mean how could i still be pulling SIGNIFICANT amounts of air out of the lines after all this? Even for a few hours with the key off and not touching the pedal i sucked air filled fluid out with no signs of progress what so ever.. even if i had a hole somewhere that somehow isnt leaking.. if i wasnt touching the pedal that whole time and was purely pumping fluid out from one spot there would be no way for air to be sucked in? im soo out of ideas please anyone with any input it is extremely appreciated.. thank you
btw- 1998 bmw 528i w/ big brake kit..rd sport/alcon calipers-porterfield pads-stoptech dot 4 fluid.
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The air leakage problem with vacuum bleeders is not usually the seal between the hose and the nipple; It is the loose fit of nipple threads to the mating bore in the caliper, especially if you open it too far. Anyway, it is sounding more like an MC problem.
Well i actually bled it the old fashioned way.. Kept finding air.. Then used a oil extractor.. Just creates a suction by a hand pump then continues to pull.. I had the hose very tight around the nipple and even zip tied it tighter around it to be safe..
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