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Brake Cooling Ducts

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Hey folks,

This forum is tech central - excelent.

I track my 1.9. Ive replaced the solid rotors with cryo treated vented ones from a 2.8. The narrower calipers have been replaced by wider ones froma e36 325. The lines are SS, fluid ATE Blue or Gold, pads - porterfield R4S.

There are absolutely no problems on the street. This setup is above and beyond what the street can dish out.

On the track is awesome as well - but performance depends on the course. These brakes can take anything Lime Rock Park can dish out as there are only 2 major braking zones. The brakes dont really get hot.

The Watkins Glen long course is another story - there are 8 braking zones, of which 5 are major. End of the main straight, before the bus stop, the chute and going into the toe and in the heel.

The run group session times range from 20-30 minutes. There are usually 3-4 sessions per day.

The early sesion are fine, as Im not pushing the car hard...yet.
By the end of the second and third sessions and as I push the car harder and brake later and harder, the brakes get REAL HOT and I begin to experience some slight fade.

As they day goes on, it gets a bit worse, but it will not surpass 25%. (100% being total brake fade).

Now Ive lightened the car, and made it a bit faster and I have become a faster driver. Fade is becoming a concern moreso than ever, especially as the weather gets hotter and my schools become more frequent.

So, finally, my question - how can I modify my front spoiler and wheel well liners to accomodate an air duct. Will the backside (airduct funnels) of the M s fit behind the foglight openings on the 1.9 bumper? What other options are there?


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