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Hey Guys,

Just as per the title - what's your opinions on life expectancy on brake discs?

I bought the car with 10,000 miles on the clock.
The car had some serious vibrations that needed dealing with (3 of the alloys were buckled). BMW ended up replacing the alloys after a lot of pestering and a further 13,000 wobbly miles...

I got the car back from the dealership and there was still a serious wobble but just under braking this time.

After investigation & a service today - turns out all of the discs need replacing and are worn - the pads are fine although recommendation they get changed at the same time...

I can't believe the discs are worn at 25,000 miles!!?? Why would the discs wear quicker than the pads? Maybe I should get new discs made of the material they use for the pads?!

I'm fairly certain that when I got the car at 10k miles that it had already had new discs too - could there be something significantly wrong with the setup that's impacting and prematurely wearing the car maybe?

Off for another cry... :cry:

Your comments will help me make my mind up on whether or not I complain further :rolleyes:
Previous owner probably really drove the car hard which caused the rotors to really heat up. If they get abnormally hot even if they are allowed time to cool on their own and not cooled too quickly like running through puddles during the rain or washing the car after a long run if they get hot enough they will probably warp.
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