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Doug Huffmand and Jaye944, thanks for the help and information. Sounds like the brake fluid change is going to be more complex than something I'd like to try.
Kssod, thanks for the hint on the BMW Maintenance program. It looks like brake fluid is covered in the maintenance program. I bought my car used but it's been less than 3 years and 36k miles so hopefully I'm covered. I did buy it from a BMW dealer. My car needs to get a PA state inspection here shortly. It's scheduled for early February at the local BMW dealer. I'll ask about the brake fluid change at that time. Hopefully the fact that I didn't buy the car from him doesn't present a problem.
Again, thanks everyone for the help.
If you bought used is it CPO? I would suggest sitting down with the service manager at the dealership that you plan on going to routinely. Discuss with them that you are new to the vehicle, have history pulled, and discuss warranty and maintenance coverage.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts