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Have any of you seen this much air in the braking system?

I've searched thru the wiki and several sites no one seem to have this issue, after I did a brake flush at first there was the DSC and dash brake light lit up. searched to see if i did something wrong but I re-bled the system the next day and, no dash brake light or DSC circle triangle lit up while I did this.

Vehicle is a 2002 (12/01) 325i Sedan, steptronic auto/standard suspension,
New Brembo Rotors/oem pads, New Yellow Konis/Eibach sportlines and Meyle sway bar link

been having issues with soft/ hard pedal firmness when I drove more than 10 miles or so it went from soft to really firm pressing on the pedal to stop and figured it was air in the lines, so while I was at it I decided to replace the lines as well so ordered the ECS Tuning SS lines and installed them. read up on the various DIY and videos of people doing Brake bleed/flush and used a Motive power bleeder and went to town on it. everything went fine on RR/LR and moved to RF and it had a fair amount of air similar to LF but eventually air bubble disappeared but figured that was cause I just changed the line so no fluid in it. and when I moved to the LF line as you can see from the posted video that's a lot of air in the line and it doesn't seem to end. I ran thru two 32oz bottles of Fluid and the motive bleeder didn't run dry anytime thru the proces.s when I think all the air is out and just see a few bubbles it sputters and just air it passing thru, is there another piece of the braking system that could be the cause why the brake fluid isn't running solid

any suggestions where to begin? Thanks in advance_a_

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Take a wooden or nylon mallet, and go around the car starting with the caliper farthest away from the master cylinder, and give the caliper a few sharp raps. Go around the car, repeating this at each corner. Sometimes those bubbles can be stubborn. Good luck ! :thumbup:
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