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brake pad reset

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does anyone know how to reset the computer for rear brakes. I tried doing it the way the video says but it keeps going back into the red and saying im 15000 miles behind..Help is welcome.. Its a 2007 550i thx
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Did you replace the wear sensors?
no i didnt i will try that next thx
I'm pretty sure can't reset the service interval once the sensor makes contact with the rotor without replacing the sensor. You can find a rear sensor for $10-15 and it takes about 5 minutes to replace -- very easy.
I Followed The Steps Post at

And Was Able To Reset The Oil Message, But I Am Having Trouble With The Brake Message! I Am Able To Reset It But It Just Jumps Back, It Goes To From -25000km To --------- And Then To -25000km. Does Anyone Know What's Going On Or Can Anyone Give Me Some Help

i just changes the rear pads and i check the rear sensor still OK

thanks in advance
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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