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Hello all,

I finally felt comfortable putting the summer tires back on the 530 & 535 today and while doing this it raised some questions regarding the rear rotors.

My 530 is CPO with full maintenance and the warranty which expires in Oct. The idrive states rear brakes are due for service in 8000 miles ( my wife won't put that many miles on before expiration). While changing the tires back today I noticed the rear rotors look to be pretty thin, especially on the outside, while the pads look fine. Do the brakes qualify for service if the rotors are under minimum spec,pads are OK but the idrive doesn't show they are due?

My 535 is newer to me (picked up in Nov.) it is CPO also and the regular warranty expires in May. The rotors all around look a bit thin, but the idrive is stating 12 & 15K. When I go back and look at the CPO inspection, it states the pad thickness, but not rotor thickness, just that the rotors are oem. I have a feeling that the rotors were close to the minimum thickness but since the pads were good they didn't go the extra step to change the rotors too. Same question stands, can I ask to have these replaced if they are under the minimum spec?

I will go out and pick up a micrometer to get the measurements today.
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