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Brakepads that throw less dust???

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Does anyone have a recommendation for brakepads that will throw less dust? I hate to complain 'cause I know everyone has the same problem, BUT I am so sick of cleaning my wheels twice a week. Thanks.
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Re: EBC pads

TC330Ci said:
Well I have the EBC greens on my 330Ci and I hate them!
The dust is less, but still there. The worst part is the feel. I swore that I had air in my liness, the pedal felt really bad. They don't have the same initial bite, the brakes don't engage until the pedal is half way down (i.e. twice as far as the stock.) If you pump them a second time the pedal does go up. (yes, they were bed in and I have over 1K mi on them) I bled the brakes twice and then had them professionally power bled with no improvement. I put the stock pads back on and they felt great.

Must be the nature of Kevlar brakes, but I don't like them. I used them on the track this past Friday and they do stop the car and held up pretty well, but they don't have the same feel and are more difficult to modulate. Oh, and there was a lot of brake dust after Friday.

Personally, I don't like them. I would like to try the Axxis, Pagid or Porterfield pads. I'm thinking about one set for the street and one for track/auto-x. I would be interested in oter opinions.

Pagid and Porterfield pads will give you that same result, unless you go to their high performance pads (more carbon, less metal). I'm running Pagid Street and Raffi is running Porterfields and we're both noticing the same thing -- The brake feel isn't as linear as the stock pads. The first 1/4 travel feels like it's not grabbing, but when you're STOMPING on the brakes they stop on a dime.

Someone at the track was telling us about a place called Carbotech (or something like that) that sells exclusively carbon pads that are affordable...~$100 each axel. I might try that next.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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