Brand New BMW E30 M3s Found in Garage - Ultimate barn find

In a story sure to make every BMW lover and E30 M3 enthusiast jealous this lucky car collector scores two brand new E30 M3s. One has 37 miles, the other has 57 miles. The new owner is in the process of have one of the M3 tuned up so he can start it after sitting for 20 years! This is a classic case of being at the right place at the right time -

A few people have asked how did i come to own the cars? well like life itself we all need a bit of luck from time to time!! i was in a hospitality suite at the Silverstone GP last year and got talking to a chap there about cars i mentioned that i collect cars and he took an interest in the subject and went on to say that he had a couple of cars himself and went on to tell me that he bought 2 m3's for his son's when they were kids for future investments there now 21 and 22, that's why there are 2 red ones (save's the arguments i guess we all know what kids are like) and he also went on to say that he also owns a merc evo 2 and an RS200 and there all brand new and unregistered, you can imagine how i reacted my chin hit the floor lol!

So we swapped telephone numbers and he said if he ever wants to sell the he would give me first refusal i thought that's the last i would ever hear from him,then in January i got a phone call out of the blue from him to ask if i wanted to have a look at the cars and see if we could come to an agreement on price if i was interested so we made arrangements to view the cars and it turned out the guy is a very very wealthy business man so much so he's a billionaire, you would never know he's very down to earth!!! so we agreed a price and the rest is history!!! Well chuffed!!!!!
Talk about an amazing purchase, who else is jealous right now?!

UPDATE 3/18/2010
A lot of people have been wondering why the trip counter on the car with 57 miles (92 km) shows more mileage than the odometer (Click here for pic). Here is the reason from the new owner of these beauties -
The reason why the trip recorded distance is higher than the actual mileage is because the speedo's start at something like 999990 and the first/last ten of miles are put on at the factory during testing so when the car is finished the speedo reads 000000 or there abouts.

Obviously someone at the factory and selling dealer forgot to reset the trip!