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Hi folks,

I know this topic has probably been hacked to death, but I was searching the forums and didn't find anything definitive.

I'm driving a 2006 325i with the sport package on. I'm running the stock Pirelli [email protected] run-flats:

Front: 225/45 R17 91V
Rear: 255/40 R17 94V

I've done 35K miles on them without any problems (which I think is pretty darn good), but now it's time for some new shoes :)

Some of the tire sites recommend the Bridgestone Potenzas (RE050A) - same size and profile, obviously, but they are W-rated as opposed to the V-rated Pirellis. Not a huge difference, as far as I can tell, since I'm not planning on pushing these up to the 160mph levels :)

I'm leaning toward sticking with the Pirellis, given how well the stock set lasted.

Would like to hear some opinions though.


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Whatever you do, do NOT buy the Bridgestones. They are noisy, ride terribly, and wear fast. I cannot wait to ditch them on our 325i sport.

You're pretty lucky you got the Pirellis. Most sport pack cars get the Bridgestones.

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Equivalent performance tires in your sizes to the RFT Bridgestones RE050's

Pirelli P-Zero RFT
Conti SportContact2 SSR (RFT)

All three are considered max performance tire by Tirerack vs the ultra high performance rating for the [email protected] If you are happy with the [email protected], then the lower price may be of more value when compared to the quicker wear/slightly higher performance equation.
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