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Broke my mirror off, can it be repaired?

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So a few months ago I was adjusting the rearview mirror of my 2001 530i and accidentally pulled too hard and broke it off. I taped it back on, been driving it like this ever since. It looks bad and also the tape never sticks fully, it's still loose.

Wondering if there's a way to repair it short of having a whole new windshield installed?

The metal piece that attaches onto the glass, it ripped some of the glass away with it. I tried to glue it back into place using 3000 lb. epoxy, but for whatever reason it didn't hold at all, it fell off again after I let it set according to the directions (I even cleaned it with solvent first).

Or will I have to get a whole new windshield?? Has this happened to anyone else reading this?


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The reason it doesn't hold when you glue it could be because of the profile of the surface inside the broken area, so maybe it can't bond correctly.
You'll have much more chances of making this work if you use dedicated rearview mirror adhesive kits (Loctite and Permatex make them), or maybe 3M VHB tabe (the one used for camera mounts and such). A dashcam camera mount glued to the windshield usually breaks the windshield if you try to force it out - you have to use cutting wire to get it off safely.
In all cases, if your epoxy spread all over the place you might have to clean it first.
Can't hurt to give a call to 3M too, they should be able to point you to the correct product.
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