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Broke my mirror off, can it be repaired?

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So a few months ago I was adjusting the rearview mirror of my 2001 530i and accidentally pulled too hard and broke it off. I taped it back on, been driving it like this ever since. It looks bad and also the tape never sticks fully, it's still loose.

Wondering if there's a way to repair it short of having a whole new windshield installed?

The metal piece that attaches onto the glass, it ripped some of the glass away with it. I tried to glue it back into place using 3000 lb. epoxy, but for whatever reason it didn't hold at all, it fell off again after I let it set according to the directions (I even cleaned it with solvent first).

Or will I have to get a whole new windshield?? Has this happened to anyone else reading this?


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I'd just use your insurance and get a new one
^^^This. Sounds like the inner lamination is damaged beyond repair. It's just a matter of time before it cracks across your field of vision. Just replace the windshield.
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