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Broken seat

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I have a 2006 330i and the passenger seat has stopped moving. When the switch is pressed the seat will move on one side but not the other. I am assuming this the BMW "seat twist" that there are many posts of. The seat is all the way back so I can not get to the back bolts. I was hoping just to do this and then tilt the seat to work on it. The problem seems to be the cable that runs into the motor has been sheared off on the console side. I was hoping to manually turn this to move the seat forward. Some have claimed it can be done with fingers and some have used a drill. My fingers do not turn it at all, I had vice grips on it and it spun but I do not think the seat moved. Not sure how a drill would get to it. I have included a picture showing the cable, if anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Looks to me a bit like an electrical loom, not a drive cable - maybe a bad picture. If the seat will still go up you may get enough clearance for a spanner by using that moror. In any case you will have more space under the seat to wind the place where the broken cable is. You will need to make 50 or 60 turns to move the seat and you have to keep the seat rails 'together' or the seat twist will stop you moving the disconnected part of the mechanism..
Thanks, I will give that a shot and see how it goes.
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