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I'm posting because this issue drove me nuts for 2 days until I figured it out.

I have a 2017 X5 - iPhone 7 running 10.2.1, and most current ConnectedDrive software.

I was playing music from my phone fine on Sunday, but on Monday and Tuesday, the music would "play" but there was no audio (no errors, etc.).
I rebooted the iPhone, un-paired, repaired, did the "forget this device" step, re-paired etc. Nothing worked.
I played a song just through the phone - no problem.
Other system sound worked perfectly.

I opened the music app on my phone and opened the currently playing music asset (saw the pause button, which indicated music was currently playing). That's where I saw the bluetooth audio was turned all the way DOWN. I turned the BT audio up and bingo. Again, this was BT audio. Regular phone audio was already on, as tested in a previous step.

No idea when/how I turned BT audio down.

Thought I'd share.
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