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New to the forum and impressed with all of the great info!

I recently purchased a 2002 530i. I am in the process of installing the bluetooth retrofit kit. All OEM components are installed but have one mystery outstanding.

The eject box part number 84 21 6 933 415 is no longer available and is superseded by part number 84 10 9 168 940. The new eject box fits the E39 arm rest perfectly and my BB Pearl snap in adapter is a good fit too. The mystery is that the new eject box comes with the identical female 18 pin connector that is located in the existing harness under the arm rest. Just can't plug two females together :rofl:.

VR is now activated but no pairing is possible until I get this connector issue figured out.

Did anyone use this same eject box recently and/or does anyone know if there is an adapter to accommodate this connection? Or am I totally missing something here?

Any insight is much appreciated.
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