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i recently bought a bmw bussiness radio with mode button for my 2001 E46 316i, but aux mode did not show up with cable and phone connected. I bought it from a friend, so I don't know from which model exactly it originated from. I think my cable and my radio pinout don't match up, but i'm not sure, so i'm asking the experts here :p The aux cable has the following pinout, as seen from the connecting side of the cable:


Where O is an empty pin, and the White, Yellow, and Red pins.

I have read something about a resistor in the radio that detects the presence of an aux source, and on the last two pins on my radio is a 470 ohm resistor connected. These pins are not used by the cable though, so this is why i thought my cable and radio may not match up. I may be completely wrong, but i though it'd be useful to share.

I've looked into the internals of the radio, and no obvious signs of something that has blown up, like a cap or something. I'm not sure if this guarantees that the amplifier is still working completely correctly.

If anybody has an idea of what might be going wrong, please do your suggestions.
Thanks in advance!
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