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Bull bar for 08 X5 4.8 with park assist

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Hi, I have a loaded up '08 X5 4.8 including the parking assist. Just saw a nice bull bar (push bar) on one at the dealership and wanted to look into one. Any suggestions? Also, will that interfere with the front bumper's parking assist? Thanks.
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My suggestion is don't do it (unless you live in Australia or Manhattan)... after all, it's not a Jeep.

(you asked)
If the Bull Bar is specifically made for the X5, like officially licensed and what not, then yea why not. However if its, like an aftermarket one thats usually stated as UNIVERSAL, i would pass on that. Bull bars are great, especially in high traffic and high idiot places, but in terms of just as a fashion statement, nope!
Just installed them on my car! :D


The one I installed doesn't interfere with parking assist at all! :freakdanc
Just installed them on my car! :D
Looks like a giant moustache
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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