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Burbank Krispy Kreme / R/C meet this Thursday @ 8:30...

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Some guys from the AudiWorld A4 and S4 forums are getting together this Thursday at the semi-new Burbank Krispy Kreme (they do it almost every Thursday night) to get to know new faces, show off new mods, race R/C (elec or nitro), and eat as many fresh glazed doughnuts as we can. Our first meet a couple of months ago had over 50 cars. I still go to about every other one, even though I sold the A4 to get my 3.
Everyone on this board that wants to crash is invited. I'll be there with my 3 and my new HPI Nitro RS4 and some other guys are bringing R/Cs too. Bring an R/C if you've got one and you wanna participate in the parking lot mischief.
I've posted this on 3 different bimmer forums, so come out and we'll put some faces to some names and put some doughnuts to death.

The address for those who don't know is:


For a map and directions, go to Hope to see some Fanatics there.

BTW - I'll be painting the body for my nitro RS4 tonight - silver E46 coupe, of course. :D

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Just another reminder. This SoCal meet 'n doughnut scarf is tomorrow night @ 8:30. It's been posted on 4 bimmer boards, 2 Audi boards, and some VW boards (that I know of). The turnout should be pretty decent. Come out and represent and meet some of the other L.A. county bimmerheads. :D
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