Traded in my 2014 M6 and have some performance parts for sale. I have BMS Elite M5/M6 S63TU Intake, DTE PedalBox, BMS Wheel Spacers, BMW / MINI Floor Jack Pad Adapter, All weather OEM BMW floormats, trunk liner, wind diffuser for convertible M6.

This ad is for spacers. Other ads and more photos coming soon.

Excellent condition, minimal signs of use. I had them on the car 2-3 years and not the whole time. Car was a weekend vehicle and during covid even less than that.

Each set contains 2 wheel spacers and appropriate length lug bolts.

Payments: up to you, but I am trying to get fee-free, like paypal family and friends, etc. If you not ok with it, let me know maybe we can split the fees...

15mm spacers - $60, new $99
20mm spacers - $65, new $109
Shipping is $10 each set from 32164

Check out the maker's website for complete info

Burger Motorsports BMW wheel spacers are an excellent, cost-effective way to improve handling while dramatically enhancing the look of your BMW. Our wheel spacers push your rims and tires outward for an instant "fat" aggressive look, better lateral stability, and handling. Spacers are also great for filling in the wheel well, creating clearance for aftermarket suspension, different wheel offsets, big brakes, making your winter tires not look so inset or just making your BMW look awesome. BMS spacers are specifically designed and manufactured by Burger Motorsports for your BMW ensuring a perfect vibration free fit. A packet of anti-seize grease is included to place on the factory hub to aid in later removal.

Build & Quality: Each Burger Motorsports BMW wheel spacer is CNC machined from high-grade 7075-T6 aluminum alloy and anodized black for protection. Our BMW Wheel Spacers are sold in pairs (2pcs) with 10 extended lug bolts that exceed OE standards. To do the whole car you will need 2 spacer kits. They are hub-centric and all sizes have the factory hub on them. They are safe to use on iX (all-wheel drive) BMW vehicles.