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Burned out headlights (H7).

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I have standard Philips VisionPlus H7 bulbs (all 4 lights) on my 2001 320d and for some reason, the normal driving bulbs are continually burning out. I have gone through three bulbs since January and this not only p*isses me off, it gets expensive! I was just wondering if anyone else has had similar problems.

Yes, before anyone yells at me to go the service dept., I will be headed in next week - I was just thinking that maybe someone had an opinion in the mean time!

Happy Hump Day.

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Hmm, doesn't sound normal to me.

I don't know in Finnland, but here the headlights are not covered by warranty (except Xenons). I had to change the small parking bulbs for a few times, but that's all.

Let the dealer check the cables and wiring.
No, the bulbs are not covered.

One of the mechanics at our bus garage (here at work) suggested that the car memory feature of having the lights always on the "ON" position could be spiking the bulbs when I turn on the car. But I find that hard to believe.

Maybe if I complain enough, the service dept. will grant me one wish and retrofit Xenons for a small fee ... :tsk: I wish!

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Patrick, I'm sure you know this, but want to check -

when you install the bulbs, you're not touching the glass with your bare fingers are you? If any residue (natural skins oils, etc) gets on the glass, this can cause the bulbs to fail. Are there any cracks on the bulbs when you've removed them, or did just the filament burn out?
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