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Business CD: Does anyone know...

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I spent at least an hour yesterday searching on-line for information about the wiring outputs of the M coupe Business CD head unit. For all that effort, I only located one reference dated from '98 or '99... and I believe I read a note by someone on the Roadfly Z3 board that their Business CD did not conform to that info.

So, does anyone know the exact Business CD output wires and their purposes?

Thanks in advance,

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Radio wiring

The '99, '00 and '01 radio wiring is the same as shown in the following pic. What are you trying to do?

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Thanks Ron; I actually found that schematic in your Images directory but, to be honest, couldn't interpret it well enough to answer my questions.

I'm finally about to install a replacement subwoofer and an amp to power it. I'd like to determine if I can pick up a subwoofer feed directly from the head unit or if I have to accept the output from the HK amp. If I do have to wire the new amp to the HK amp, do you happen to know the output levels on the subwoofer channel from the HK amp? The new amp I'm considering can work with inputs from .2V to 8V.

Thanks again Ron!

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