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Busted Outer CV Boot or something else?

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I'm thinking my right fron outer CV boot busted open and is flinging grease everywhere or could it be a busted strut? I noticed some squeaking sounds while braking a few days ago. I looked inside my right front wheel arch and saw all of this gunk. Got the car washed to see if it went away but it returned. I think it's the outer CV boot and having an xi I've been through many cv boots although never this messy.

What do you guys think? Could it be something else like a blown strut? Leaky brake fluid line or caliper? Below I posted a video. Tried to Embed video, if it doesn't come up try this link to my youtube channel

Thanks! - J

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Sure looks like a failed cv boot, they're pretty easy to confirm just look for a split in the boot

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Yup, torn CV boot. Mine looks exactly the same... :(
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