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Buying Dilemna

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I currently own a 1996 328i automatic, stock suspension, premium package, silver with grey leather. The car has 87,000 miles. I have had very few problems with the car in the past. It will now be needing new shocks and suspension pieces. The car has developed quite a few rattles. I would like to trade for a 1999 or 2000 323i or 328i. As my car has a lot of miles I am worried about putting a lot of money into the car as things begin to wear. I live in Mexico and thus do not have access to many parts for the E-36 cars. There are a lot of E-46 cars here as it is a very popular car. The E-46 cars that I have seen advertised have around 42,000 miles and are selling for around $23,000 fully loaded with automatic. Due to the high mileage of my car I will not be able to get much in trade in, around $13,000. I bought my 1996 328i in Houston and have noticed in autotrader there are quite a few E-46 for sale in Texas. My question is this, will the E-46 be a better car all around and will it be safer, quieter and more dependable. The roads here are awful and a soft ride is what I would like. Should I wait untill the 2003 BMW's come out to get the best trade. Thanks in advance
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e46 definately better all around, just make sure you dont get the sports package. and id probably get the 325 in your case, less engine noise. if you have the money and the avenue to trade your 36 for a 46 i personally would recommend doing it.
I agree with dredmo, although I have only ever driven an E36 318i.

Maybe we ought to let TD handle this one ... :D

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