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Alright im looking to buy for my first car a 95 325i for around 5 G's and but there are a few things wrong with it such as

This car needs a new ignition cylinder and a key made. The car will start with the key i have but it takes time for the car to recognise the key. The car is also missing the rear window switches, they are 15 a piece at the dealer. All the windows work from the master switch in front.

But plus's to the car are

Interior- power sport seats. Mini Cooper S shift knob. Sony CD player.

Exterior- M3 17inch Motorsport wheels with good tires. M3 cat back exhaust system. M3 door moldings. M3 small lip spoiler. Euro tail lights, clear turn signals. Tinted windows. Black kidney grille.

Was wondering if it was worth the price it seemed pretty good to me. Was wondering how much a new ignition cylinder would cost me.

Also the mileage is about 155k

Any feedback would be much apreciated.

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