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C.V. Boot replacement

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Quoted $600AU today to replace 1 C.V. Boot drivers side. C.V. boots are the bellows shaped rubber covering that enclose the C.V. Joints and keeps the assembly away from dirt and water. There are 8 separate C.V. Boots on an X5 that extra warranty does not cover, as they're wear and tear items. If you don't replace them quickly, serious problems will develop! Now, imagine if you had to replace several or more of these boots in a single service? That's why BMW X5s cost $$$ to keep running. It is not the parts which are expensive, it is the work needed to remove and reinstall the wheel assembly that costs. They will need to be replaced every 6-8 years. Be prepared.
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The part cost $60 bucks at NAPA. I just had my brother do the passenger side. Yes the complete wheel/brake and suspension have to be removed. You should do the suspension parts while they are taken down so you don't pay labor twice. jus a thought.
The part that is $60 bucks is a remanufactured half shaft that comes with the complete boot assembley and ready to go.
In fact, the job on c.v. boot replacement was $400, and the rest of the bill was on another job I had them do, which was to replace the windshield motor on the wiper/washer fluid container. So all up, $695AU with a master BMW authorised mechanic at the most exclusive BMW dealership in Western Australia.

You can buy parts online, but are they genuine BMW parts? I can't touch my car to fix problems as it void my extended BMW warranty cover. Also, use of anything other than genuine BMW parts voids the cover and reduces the cars value.

When the warranty cover expires, the car will then be old enough for me to tinker with DIY, or get it serviced by an independent Authorised BMW mechanic who has his own business and does not work for a dealership.
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