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Cabin fan intake?

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Anyone know just how to get to the air intake inside of the cab? I have that fungal smell starting that I've read about. They make a spray that the deal puts in there. But, I would like to try to fix it myself. It's a 2000 328i 4dr. Thanks, dale.
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You need to get under the hood, under the car actually and locate the drain tube on the lower passenger side of the firewall and squirt your stuff up that drain tube.
It will kill the fungus.

To prevent the funky fungus smell all you need to do is shut off your AC prior to parking it for any length of time. Shut it off about three miles from destination- you won't die from the heat- open your windows and turn the fan on high, recirculation off. This will push air across the evaporator coils and dry them a little prior to parking the car with all that condensed moisture inside the evaporator.
I finally found time to crawl under my car to find that drain tube you mentioned....Of course I didn't see it. Any tips on what it looks like? I will look again. perhaps it's behind something. Thanks for the tip. dale
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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