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I've confirmed that my aft cat on my 2002 530i is going bad. It sounds like a jackhammer between 900-2000 rpm most of the time, and sometimes in a blue moon throws a P0430 code. (Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 2.)) Plus the fact that I did just pass my smog a few weeks ago, but barely.

I tried looking around Magnaflow as well as other manufacturers for CARB (California Air Resources Board) legal cats, but can't find any. I found CARB legal cats fot the 525, 528, and 540, but nothing for the 530. I don't even see them for the 330. The only 530 listed is the old 1995-1996 series.:mad:

Does anybody know of a CARB legal cat for the 530i? Or cheaper place to get the CA manufacturer cats?
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