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Uh-oh!!! The original warranty on my CPO 2008 535i just expired last Friday and the gremlins have been unleashed.

Monday night I went to the garage to get my iPod out of the car. When I opened the driver's door I heard a loud noise coming from the trunk that sounded similar to a hard drive crashing. The noise lasted about 4 seconds. I know there are lots of electronics in the trunk, but any hard drives??? I checked the spare tire compartment for moisture, but it was completely dry.

The next evening I was driving home, listening to the radio, and the iDrive displayed a message as if a call was coming in. No phone number was listed, just "*****." The radio muted, as it should, but there was no ringing phone sound. I pressed the phone button on the steering wheel to answer the call, but nothing happened. When the timer display for phone activation on the iDrive reached about 14 seconds, the screen went back to its normal display and the radio un-muted. Two minutes later, it happended again and repeated every two minutes until I got home. I checked my phone and there were no missed calls. This morning it happened again. This time I turned my phone off and it still continued to repeat this process every two minutes.

Anyone else ever experience anything like this with the iDrive? Whatever it is, I'm hoping it will be covered under the CPO warranty.
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