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Is there anyway someone could please post the specific 135is content? A bunch of us who ordered 135is' (and the few who already took delivery) are noticing discrepancies in 135is "standard" options between the NA-press release, BMWNA website, and local dealers' knowledge.

Below is part of the blurb from the NA Press Release:
"The exterior of the new 135is Coupe / Convertible will be clearly identified by exclusive 18" wheels, unique high-gloss black kidney grill, black mirror caps and special exterior badges in additional to the standard M Sport Package components. Interior highlights include stainless steel pedals, special interior badges and optional black leather seats with blue stitching for the standard sport seats"

Which exterior colors do not get the Black side mirrors? So far, AW and LBM have received Blk wing mirrors, but a guy took delivery of a Carbon Black 1er and it had body colored side mirrors. :dunno:

What is up with the 135is' kidney grille? Above it notes unique high-gloss grill (think all black 335is grille), but everyone that has taken delivery has a grille with the chrome surround--resembles the 128i grille :dunno:

Folks who took delivery with 6sp manuals received the steel pedals, but the guy with the DCT only had his "dead pedal" in steel. Clearly notes above "stainless steal pedals." And the website pictures medal pedals regardless of which transmission (335is gets medal pedals regardless of transmission). I know we can't base standard equipment from the website pics....however,

the website also pictures blackline taillights (despite nothing in the literature as noting such), and no one who has taken delivery has received the tinted taillights, but why would they then be pictured when you Build Your Own? I for one, would love to receive the blacklines!

Exhaust tips? The 135is gets the PE, but everyone who has taken delivery does not get the tips. Standard equipment notes exhaust tips on the website, but there are various discrepancies noted throughout, and it seems no one knows for certain.

The Complete MY 2013 Vehicle Ordering Guide that Jonathan was nice enough to post here is also confusing. Under standard content for the 135is, there are contradictions noted throughout...exterior parts in body color (but "is" gets certain black colored parts), chrome-lined exterior trim is noted STD for the "is" but then several line-items down, Shadowline ext. trim is also noted as STD (and we know we get Shadowline). There is no mention of medal pedals, PE, PPK, etc....

So...I guess what I'm asking, is there must be better documentation regarding the 135is-specific content and is there anyway someone could please post? We just want to know what to expect at delivery so if there are missing options we can take that up with BMWNA (we know it's not our dealers fault if something "standard" is missing from the factory).

Thanks in advance
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