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Hello all, looks like February is cam sensor month. Had "service engine soon" light come on yesterday. My Peake tool gave me 2 codes
#12 camshaft sensor, exhaust cam
#92 EVAP capillary leak(0.5) detected
looked in archives and found many threads ( latest and great from Giznaz) but still have few questions ( afew basic that i havn't figured out yet also )
my car is 2000 2.3 with 2.5 engine
1-is this a E36 or E37 car?
2- is this 2.5 engine a s52 or what designation is it?
3-location of sensor on 2.5? (sounds like s54 on rear, 2.8 behind vans) i do have sensor behind vanos ,seems to be on intake side, is this the only sensor?( isn't there an exhaust sensor and intake sensor?)
4- any ideas on the EVAP?

Many thanks for any input , we are without "stealer " here, and find this forum very helpful and interesting. thanks again, Dan
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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