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Camshaft ledge seal

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This is 2010 X3 with 210K miles. I always got 2A82 code and ISTA indicate bad Soleinoid valve or compress ring dug into bearing strips, my Soleinoid valve, sensor and filter are quite new, oil cap is fine. I guess I had the latter problem. Last time I didn't check it when changes CCV gasket. I want to know whether my model has Teflon ring or metal one? Older generation use metal. I might fix it by change the seal. If mine have metal seal, I have to change seal and camshaft bearing cover or strip.


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@ BMWaufKS, I couldn’t find your post, can you forward to me. I had this code over 1 year, I tried replace check valve(filter), sensor,solenoid and oil cap. Code still come back. Someone (50s kids?)mentioned model after 2007 use Teflon. I would leave as it is for now if metal seal used. I already have metal and Teflon seals, may have to look for camshaft strip.
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