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Hello all I have a situation I can't figure out haha I want to start with saying I'm not to tech savvy with computers and software but I will try my best to keep up

My situation is I have a dell latitude d610 windows xp that I purchased on eBay
About a year ago that was preloaded with a couple of softwares (dis v57, sss progman v32, inpa v4.4.7, inpa v5.0.2, NCS EXPERT, tool 32, winKFP)

I've only been able to successfully use inpa v4.4.7, inpa v.5.0.2, dis v57 and (sss progman like twice) I mostly use inpa v4.4.7 because of my e39m73tu

The problem is I used to be able to switch from ads to obd and would do this often by changing between com 1 and 5, Changing fifo buffers, changing the interface between ADS and STD:OBD in the ediabas ini file,and running the ADSSetup.exe or OBDSetup.exe


But now I can only communicate via ADS. I'm stumped. my cable is fine I swaped with someone and it worked for them so I'm guessing something got moved or messed around with on my laptop. There was a tuner on my laptop through teamviewer tuning a vw Tdi a couple months back around the time this happened not to sure if he moved something

Thanks for reading this whole mess

E39 554it
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