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Hey guys and gals,

I am stumped on this problem. I get a CEL under certain conditions and not at other conditions. Using a Peake Scanner, when CEL is lit, I get a 11 - 41 code which indicates a cam position sensor. Sounds simple enough, so I first checked wiring back to DME, it was intact, apparently with no shorting and good continuity on all 3 wires. Voltage measurements at the cam position sensor connector were not what they were supposed to be the best I could tell, but the cam sensor passed the wrench test by turning engine functions on and off as I passed the wrench over the sensor with the ignition on and not started. But, I went ahead and bought a new sensor, and same thing, same fault code. I bought another new sensor, thinking I had purchased a bad one, and same thing.

The thing is, the car seems to run great, in fact I feel near perfect. Its getting about 25 mpg, and I gather thats about right for a 2.8 with an automatic tranny.

Here is the kicker though. I have found from messing around with it, and clearing the fault code, that if I start the engine from a cold temp, such as sitting overnight, drive it a couple of hours, don't shut it off, or restart, I can bring it home, let it sit another night and can start it up next day without the CEL coming on. In fact I can start it several times when its cold, without a fault code. But.... If I shut it off and start it after even five minutes of driving and its warmed up, the CEL will come on and remain so until its cleared. From what I can tell, the CEL only happens at start up on a hot engine. And only from start up.

So to sum it up, the CEL only comes on if I start a hot engine, and does not come on starting a cold engine, or when driving as long as I don't shut it off and start it back up. And if I let it get cold again after stopping a hot engine it will not trip a CEL. I have tried starting a cold engine several times ( 6 or 7 ) in a row in succession, and no CEL.

I am aware of Vanos seals, and in fact have purchased a seal kit for it, but not installed yet, as its major as far as I can tell. I do believe my Vanos is working, at least partially, because about 2800 RPM, I can feel a change in power when accelerating.

I guess my question is this. My temp gauge at the dash seems to be working perfectly. I read that this is probably a dual purpose sensor, supplying info to the dash gauge and also to the DME. Is it possible that this sensor is malfunctioning and indicating "cold" to the DME all the time? And tey supplying correct info to the dash gauge? If the DME was receiving an incorrect signal from the sensor, would it cause the DME to trigger a fault code such as a cam position sensor. And why does it not trigger a fault code when driving a hot engine, but only if I start a hot engine??

There is another confusing issue, I also have what appears to be an additional coolant sensor on the side of the radiator, passenger side. It only has three wires, whereas the coolant sensors listed from parts stores have either 2 or 4 wires, and appear to be on the driver side of the head. I am going to try another thing, to see if that 3 wire sensor is indeed a coolant temp sensor, by disconnecting it and see if dash gauge still works.

Anyone have any ideas? Help is appreciated.
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