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Can Bluetooth be added as an aftermarket option on 2009 128i?

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I have a 2009 128i that did not come with Bluetooth capabilities. Is it possible for that option to be installed after the fact? I want to be able to connect my iPhone 4 to my car.
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There are aftermarket as well as BMW options for retrofitting. If you check the DIY area you should find threads. Aftermarket will be cheaper and probably easier than retrofitting a BMW system but I believe both can be done. With the right aftermarket, you can use the buttons on your steering wheel. Bavarian Soundwerks is another potential source.

I put in a high end (but now obsolete) Garmin GPS with bluetooth in my e88. I also put in their remote microphone and it works well. I have it mounted on a bracket BMW sells for their "Portable Pro" system.

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