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Can I delete FRM? Foot well module

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So i bought a used E90 335 and trying to convert it to a track only car, and I want to delete the FRM module, the question is, how can i wire the lights after deleting the FRM? Many Thanks
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You can't. You need the FRM and CAS module to start the car otherwise your engine and immo won't run properly.
If it's a dedicated track car, you can run a standalone ECU.

I don't think you need an FRM to start the car. CAS, yes because I believe it handles all the authentication for the keys.

However, with no FRM present, it may bring the CAN network down. Which will bring about other issues.
Thank you guys, so i guess I will need an aftermarket ECU, so I can delete CAS and EWS? and what aftermarket module can i use to replace FRM for the lights? can i just rewire all the lights?
I'm talking about replace the DME with a standalone ECU.

There is no alternative to the OEM FRM module.

Why do you want to remove the FRM? That is a bad idea. It will take hours upon hours of work to rework all the lighting circuits.

E9x do not have an EWS sync with the DME.
I want to simplify the wiring and lighting on this 335, found out that FRM doesn't do anything besides making lights "Smarter". and it constantly having small problems.
Your idea of simplifying the wiring is not so simple....further proof of this is the fact that you have to ask about it.

What "constant small problems" are you having?
Some lights are not working, mainly on the right side, i checked fuse, and switched all the light module, nothing works, so i think is the FRM
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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