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Can I save on gas mileage? Computer chip?? 2003 530i

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Hi to all, I am new to this site and just bought a 2003 530i. I 100% love the car but the gas milage to bad!!!! Getting about 12.8 l/100k

It costs about 75 to fill and getting about 500 to 650 k per tank.

My question is.. is there something a dealer can do to the computer inside the car to save on gas, maybe reduce horsepower??? I'm not sure but friend say there are chips ect.....

Please help.

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Your driving style has a lot to do with the mileage.

Try to get off slowly from full stops and not let engine RPMs go beyond 3K.

You can manually try to up-shift the car at lower speed points. This typically reduces acceleration but you get better mileage. This is especially true when you are cruising city streets and not going above 30-40mph. Though you are not going to go above that speed due to speed limits, the automatic tranny is unlikely to go into the highest gear. The program which controls the steptronic tranny knows when it is not safe to up-shift so you are not going to hurt the drive-train by up-shifting too soon.

When you are doing highway driving, ease of the gas once you reach cruising speed. Many times we keep up the pressure on the gas pedal, and gradually the speed creeps up. Avoid the up-creep by easing off the pedal, especially when you are going downhill.

So you do not have to reduce the horse power of the car to get better mileage; just modify your daily driving style. That way you can let it rip when you are in the mood, instead of having a permanently crippled car.
You are welcome. Another thing to try is to try to coast to a stop instead of braking at the end. If you see red, ease of the pedal and your car will gradually lose speed.

Whenever you try these things, make sure you are not being tailgated by an aggressive driver to prevent rear-ends. If you are, step down and leave him in the dust :bigpimp:. You can always coast on the next red light!
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