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leafs11cups said:
Getting about 12.8 l/100k
You can call yourself lucky with that kind of fuel-consumption...:rofl:
What should I say?:dunno:

But seriously - You're driving a 5-series BMW, not quite the cheapest car I can think of, and you're really asking about saving a few bucks on gas?

I recommend you sit down and take a pen and paper (maybe a calculator as well) and figure out how much you would save in case you could reduce your fuel-consumption. You will be surprised how SMALL your actual $$-savings will be. It's the same scenario in Germany where many drivers switched to diesel-cars because diesel is cheaper than regular fuel. They just made a big mistake. They have to drive a lot to actually save money because: A. Diesel cars/engines are more expensive than normal ones and B. Germany puts a high tax on diesel cars because they pollute the air.

It's funny, if people see that a car has a higher mpg-rating - let's say 19 city instead of 17 - they really believe they could save a fortune. Yes, they can, but not by driving 12 or 15K/year. Example: You drive 12K miles a year and the gallon costs $3. To keep it simple, I keep the calculation based on the city-numbers from above. The price-difference would be a whopping $223 A YEAR! THAT'S IT! So if you would be able to increase your mpg-number by 2 miles, you would only save about $250/year or 69 cents/day. So you just bought a BMW 5-series and are concerned about a few cents of gas a day?:dunno:

My advice: Think about the poor drivers in Germany - they have to pay more than $5/gallon....:thumbdwn:
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