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Can someone recommend/refer different insurance agencies in northcal/CA in general?

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I started doing more and more research just to avoid paying extra by either useless options/insurances from the dealer or high insurance.
I was reading the other post in the forum about the insurance, and it turns out to vary by state and agencies.
I am kind of interested in GEICO but open to others as well.
Please let me know the name/phone # of the agencies that you would recommend, since I feel unsafe/unnerve to just search one in Google without any other knowledge.

Thank you guys very much!

I am looking at Agencies (direct, captive, independent) not Insurance company though.
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This is really based on your age, sex, driving record, specific zip code, miles driven, credit score, did I leave anything out?

The companies that advertise the most (GEICO, Allstate) are typically the most expensive and provide the worst service.

Try Liberty Mutual, USAA if you qualify, or a good indy broker that will shop several companies for you.

Good luck!
Wawanesa. Had them for over ten years. Not even usaa can compete. We check every year and every year wawanesa gives us the most for our money. Had claims without a hitch. Great customer service. And of course great rates.
Try Liberty Mutual. They provide a discount to BMW CCA. But I don't think you need to be a member.
Thanks everyone for reply. Can someone give the independent agencies' name/contact info?
I am looking to find an agent that can shop several insurance companies for me.
So then I can compare prices easier.
I heard the independent agencies might have a better rate because they spent less in ads and thus less cost.
Specific agent doesn't matter as far as price goes, it's the carriers that they represent that matter. All independent agents with the same carriers can get you the same rates. Pick one that is convenient for you and that has good reviews online. You can usually see what carriers they have on their website.
Last week I got a couple of quotes from various insurance agencies. I know it varies greatly by age, location, etc. but I was surprised by the results. I've had Liberty Mutual for 5 years and they've always been the cheapest for my current car, a Honda Accord. But as I get ready to take delivery of my new 328i, they are by far quoting me the highest prices. Liberty Mutual wants $145/month for basic coverage ($50k/$100k/$50k) but AAA is offering higher coverage ($100/$300/$100) for $116 a month.

So from my experience at least, its hard to say that one insurance company will consistently offer better rates to customers. My recommendation would be to get quotes from 4-5 insurance companies online to see which will offer the best deal to you based on your demographics. It really doesn't take that long, I would estimate each quote took me 10 minutes.
Try this site then:

Story about it:

I tried it recently and nobody could touch Wawanesa for me.
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