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HI - I have a new to me 2006 750Li and decided to upgrade to factory M101 BBS rims. I'm very unconventional and have been an Audi fanatic for 20 years. I'm glad to see BMW finally getting x-drive 4 wheel drive. Anyway, I'm running 275/40/20's Nokian WR G2's front and rear. The rims are different widths (9" front, 10" rear) but the tires are still within their appropriate size range for the rims. Fortunately they even fit :) albeit by a hair in the front without spacers. I could get a bit more gap from the spring perch with a 5mm spacer but clearance is clearance :thumbup:

BTW - I chose Nokians since they are all-season with the severe winter rating (friction tires) that I hope will help the BMW get through an inclement day or two....I won't deliberately drive her in snow/ice and such but you never know when a storm sneaks up. The width of the tires is certainly not the ideal winter tire as narrow is best but these will be all year tires here in Virginia that's mostly rain and dry weather. Even if they wear fast they can't be any worse than the Pirelli's that wear out just sitting in the drive :rofl:

Anyway, I'd like to run higher tire pressures as my manual states I can when carrying heavy loads but when I put 38 to 42 PSI the TPMS tells me to check the pressures and set to factory specs. I assume there is a parameter and range for the TPMS not to go off. Does anyone know if I can somehow reset (me) vs needing to bring it in and pay the dealer? I have reset TPMS in the idrive and I get green tires on the TPMS display but with the warning to check tire pressure and set to factory...thanks for any help in advance.

Boy - I sure wish there was a tool for BMW like Vag-com for the Audi/VW products. Being able to check faults, reset, change parameters without paying a dealer for such would be great.
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