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Can u believe 3-series '02 hoods are on national backorder?

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someone hit my 2002 325xi almost 2 weeks ago. the hood (where the grilles are) was hit while the car was parked. the hood itself slightly bucked but it's still drivable.

anyway, the body shop had the car for a few days awaiting state farm to come out and estimate the repair. today, i get a phone call from the shop and they tell me i may as well pick up my car (since it's still very drivable) because the 2002 hoods are on a national backorder. it could take up to 3 weeks to get the hood in!

now i understand that the hoods changed for the 2002 yr but come on bmw parts! they should have the hoods available.

anyone else experience similiar part shortage problems?
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Titanium headlight trim for 02 Sedans

I've been trying to order Sedan Titanium Headlight inserts, a la 330i SP, with no luck. Anyone have part numbers for these? My dealer indicates that they aren't out yet!!!!:dunno:
This probably has more to due with getting a good process for making spares. The production process is different for hoods that go on cars compared to those that are made for spare parts. Think - metal, stamping, assembly (putting mounting hardware on hood), installing on car, paint. So when creating a spare they have to get primed --- but not on a car. When I worked for another manufacturer they had problems getting the primer to work correctly, especially when switching metal (actually the coating on the metal). It would not surprise me that a process change (probably in paint) is holding up spares from getting here.
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